When Chloe starts dating an enthusiastic climate activist named Anthony, she doesn't mention her demanding job as an R&D scientist for a leading defense contractor called Exitium. She questions her choices as Exitium is mired in controversy, then attempts to 'greenwash' with a new product called the Green Bomb that draws the attention of The Green Warriors — an environmentalist group Anthony recently joined.

Why Now?

Climate change is terrifying. Like all terrifying things, confronting it conjures an impulse to close our eyes, put our fingers in our ears, and scream: I’M MOMMY’S BIG BOY. We’re led by capitalism to believe the only solution to climate change is buying more ‘green products’ even though only oil executives and factory farmers can make a significant individual impact. But if we don’t have our fingers in our ears, we do have the ability to make art that educates the public and holds powerful people accountable while celebrating life and creating joy.

Considering climate change impacts every person on planet earth, there’s remarkably little entertainment content on the subject — especially comedy. I hope to fix that problem by putting climate change in perspective, reminding viewers that 1) A very small group of corporations and governments is responsible for the vast bulk of emissions and they must be held accountable; 2) No matter how much green marketing is thrown at us, huge corporations will never put the greater good over profit; and 3) Substantial change starts with normal people who care about their neighbors.


The cynical urgency of Don’t Look Up meets the irreverent workplace comedy format of 30 Rock and Better Off Ted.