Screenwriting projects

All projects have scripts and pitch decks available upon request


30-minute sitcom

A workplace comedy skewering the modern art world by observing the politics and interpersonal drama of a controversial museum, from the crust punk guards to the overworked interns to the bourgeois curators.


60-minute adventure comedy

Overnight, an island appears off the California coast. The team of ecologists tasked with its exploration must face the danger of the island's mysterious and dangerous ecosystem while evading a team of corporate mercenaries trying to sabotage their mission and drain the island’s resources.

Focus Group

30-minute ensemble comedy

A Cambodian metalhead, an Onlyfans influencer, a Benedictine monk, a transgender poet, and a tech bro are selected to test a mysterious new product. But the reclusive billionaire behind the product has more than just consumer demographics in mind — he’s trying to recreate his deceased mentor by using the product to capture a unique personality trait from each tester.


30-minute comedy

When Chloe starts dating an enthusiastic climate activist named Anthony, she doesn't mention her demanding job as an R&D scientist for a leading defense contractor called Exitium. She questions her choices as Exitium is mired in controversy, then attempts to 'greenwash' with a new product called the Green Bomb that draws the attention of The Green Warriors — an environmentalist group Anthony recently joined.

Haus Arrest

60-minute dark comedy

When Doc is sentenced to house arrest, the unscrupulous young hustler turns from slinging knockoff Louis Vuitton to creating original designs. To his surprise — and to the chagrin of fashion gatekeepers — he rockets to the top of the NYC fashion scene.

Rudy’s Noise

60-minute political farce

Every epidemic has a patient zero — even fake ones. Inspired by true events, RUDY’S NOISE is a limited series about the first person to 'contract' the fabricated affliction. Part espionage thriller and part political farce, it's a madcap whirlwind story of a group of paranoid people letting self-importance literally get to their heads.

The Scorpion & the Frog

Dark comedy/thriller feature film

A meek and impressionable antifascist activist is courted by a dangerous undercover intelligence agent as part of a government operation to coerce isolated young men into acts of terror.


60-minute action comedy

Bev is the sophisticated proprietor of Bev's Wine Bar — or is she Galyna, a high-ranking member of a shadowy Eastern European terrorist organization living in the United States with the mission of purchasing and exporting explosives using the bar as a front?

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

30-minute mockumentary sitcom

A documentary crew follows a small anti-government militia of misfit amateurs with varying ideologies in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and the hapless feds trying to take them down.